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Interested in leadership?

Our organisation is specifically for girls and women and our 100 year heritage was built on the origins of the women’s movement. Girls and women in New Zealand have led the way making a place for themselves in our communities.

Our organisation is specifically for girls and women and our 100 year heritage was built on the origins of the women’s movement. Girls and women in New Zealand have led the way making a place for themselves in our communities.

An involvement in GirlGuiding New Zealand is constantly challenging and varied. All it takes is enthusiasm, an interest in working for the benefit of girls and a willingness to learn as well as to teach.


Anyone can join. Perhaps you’re a parent or caregiver looking for an adventure with your children. Maybe you’re a student wanting to help your community. Perhaps you’d just like leadership experience to further personal goals.

What’s in it for you?

  • Leadership skills
  • Team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Community involvement
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Outdoor recreation experience

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What do we offer Leaders?

Leader019.jpgWe have a trained and vetted leadership. We offer professional development - event management, catering, financial planning, care-professions, emergency preparedness.

  • You are part of a local, national and international network.
  •  Our leaders are committed to providing fun, excitement and engagement through adventure and friendship.
  • Our learning and development programme is well recognised and can be treated as part of your own professional development.
  • Our programmes are interactive, hands-on and recreational. They are planned and co-ordinated.
  • You have an opportunity to meet, mix and socialise with other women from all walks of life.

As a Leader, you are part of your local community:

  • Participating in the local community and supporting community projects
  • Taking the lead in a social context
  • Making neighbourhood connections
  • Having a tolerance of diversity
  • Valuing life


What do Leaders do?

A Leader’s job is to oversee the girls and ensure they receive the guidance and one-on-one support needed to help them develop.

Leaders spend time outside of weekly meetings with girls planning activities and events and they are also encouraged to have ongoing training.

All groups within Guiding are supervised by one or more trained, volunteer adult leaders reporting to a local co-ordinator.

Opportunities are provided to participate in one-to-one coaching, observation, workshops, self study and/or practical activities. New Leaders complete the Orientation Programme and Introduction to Leadership

After this training a new Leader starts working towards the Leadership Qualification and ongoing training is available to experienced Leaders.

Other Guiding roles

Your skills and interests may be suited to helping at a district, regional or national level.

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What do Leaders wear?


Leaders have a choice from a range of uniform items, but do have their own special V-neck t-shirt and shirts (blue or pink, short or ¾ sleeve). These can be purchased online through Guide Shop.

Leader speak!

"I love GirlGuiding because we help girls and young woman from all over the world deal with issues such as education and disease. I am proud to be involved with such a caring organisation."
Michelle, Support Leader, South Waikato

“I enjoy the challenge of the girls, different personalities, etc and the challenge of keeping them happy and interested in Guiding.”
Cindy, Terenga Paraoa District, Northland

"I enjoy watching the girls challenge themselves and come out the other end smiling with the "I did it" feeling."
Eileen, Guide Leader

"Great way to provide girls of all ages the chance to learn new skills / have opportunities that may not be provided at home."
Vicki, South Western Hutt, 15th Pippin Support

Leaders in Training
"I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the training unit! I feel like the other leaders are my backbone... they give me so much support!"

Leader030.jpg"I have learned so much! I have also began to run my own nights... a big learning curve! The age difference between the girls and myself is sometimes challenging, but I don't let it get in my way and the girls are more aware of the leadership I have in the unit now."

"I cannot wait for the opportunities that will come in the future with Guiding! I love Gallaher Park Guides!"
Ayla (Leader in training)

"I am really enjoying the Training Unit. It is lots of fun! Everyone is being really helpful too. Thanks"
Zaria (Leader in training)


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