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Rangers - Kaitiaki

Young women in Rangers carry out their programmes based on different areas of experience, contribution to their all round development. Some Rangers choose to undertake a lesser part in the group programme, and a more active role working in leadership with younger girls in other units.

Who are Rangers? 

  • ranger woozleRangers are girls who are Year 9 - 18 years old, at secondary school and you’re part of the valued senior section of GirlGuiding New Zealand.

What do Rangers do?

  • Flexibility and choice are very much a part of the Ranger Programme. Young women are challenged to explore new experiences and take responsibility for their own planning.  Taking an active part in their communities is strongly encouraged.
  • Rangers will tell you they are the luckiest of all. They have opportunities to travel to attend international camps and events, make new friends from here, there and everywhere and learn so much stuff that you don’t get anywhere else.
  • One of the best things about being a Ranger is the opportunity to develop leadership skills working with Pippin, Brownie or Guide units. 
  • Rangers enjoy adventures (everything from abseiling to zorbing), setting their own goals and achieving them; learning what is important to them, developing their own values and a personal code to live by; understanding the importance of communities and learning more about the world and most of all having food and fun with their friends!
  • If you haven’t been involved before you can join Rangers and begin to work through the programme and earn the special badges. There’s a huge range of activities and if you like a challenge, you may aim for the ultimate goal of achieving your Queen’s Guide Award and personally receiving your certificate from the Governor General.

The Ranger programme is divided into these areas:

  • rangers 04

    Action Outdoors
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Dynamic Health
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Faith
  • Future Focus
  • Heritage
  • International
  • Leisure
  • Promise and Law
  • Service
  • Technology

rangers 03For those who like ongoing bigger challenges, there is the opportunity to undertake The Young New Zealander’s Challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or the Queen’s Guide Award.

Or you may choose simply to enjoy yourself, meet new people and have fun!

What do Rangers wear?

Rangers have a whole range of uniform items to wear, including a navy blue v neck T shirt and a red ranger scarf and badge tab. These can be purchased online through our Guide E-Shop.

For certain events, such as Queen's Guide Presentation and Duke of Edinborough Hillary Award, particular uniform items need to be worn. For more information on this please download the PDF.

Rangers – for those who live in isolated areas

Girls who because of distance can’t go to units in their area are still able to do our programmes. These girls can join our Aotearoa Region. The activities are the same but adapted to use other forms of communication, email, mail, internet, etc. Girls in the Aotearoa region are encouraged to join in other activities with girls in their area when they can.

Ranger speak!

rangers 02“During my time as a Ranger, I have been a member of the Auckland Youth Team, attended an international jamboree in Denmark and the Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School twice.”
Charlotte, Blockhouse Bay Ranger

“I love being part of an organization that unites so many different people from different backgrounds.”
Melanie, Ranger

“I have gained many skills and my confidence has grown enormously.”
Jessica, Pamerston North Ranger

“I really enjoyed my time on J’08 (Jamboree) and would not change or trade it for anything, as it is the most fun I have had in ages.”
Chrystal, Johnsonville, Ranger

“I have done loads of camps with Guiding, but by far the best of them have been with Rangers.  Going to Opotiki just for a random camp was awesome.  At the camp we ended up paddock bashing and finding wild kiwi fruit.”
Jenna, Ranger

"I have done awesome activities that I couldn't have done if I hadn't been in Guiding"
Philippa,  Ranger

"I love meeting new people and trying things i never thought I could do."
Jessica, Ranger

“I love the friendships and the outdoor activities”
Victoria, Ranger

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