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Alice Craig's Queen's Guide Award

Brownie Revels

Read Gabby Jackson's blog about her badge work

Papawai District Newsletter September 2014

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Article courtesy of the Cambridge Edition

Te Awamutu Pippins

Te Awamutu Pippins celebrated Pippins 30th birthday tonight with pink cupcakes, pippin book marks and a banner made by the girls.

Waipa Waitomo Term 4 Newsletter

For all the latest and greatest news from the Waipa Waitomo District click here.

Rangers help riders

Queen's Guide Awards for dedicated Rangers

Vacancy: Regional Learning and Development Co-ordinator

Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. The role of Regional Learning and Development Co-ordinator is to ensure that members in the region receive quality development opportunities that are relevant to the needs of the organisation and the individual. The responsibilities of this role are to:

  1. Support GirlGuiding NZ to deliver quality development opportunities to leaders that are aligned with the organisation's values and increase knowledge and skills of leaders to successfully perform their roles.
  2. Ensure that leaders and girls in the region have access to sufficient relevant and quality leadership development opportunities and assessment.
  3. Contribute fully to the Regional Management Team and support the growth, viability and success of a girl focused region.
  4. Build a learning and development team that has suitably trained members to support learning and development in the region.
  5. Ensure that a varied programme is available to all girls in the region and that girls have the opportunity to achieve.

We are looking for someone that is organised, confident in meeting new people with good people management skills. If this sounds like you, and you are keen to share your life skills to help girls and young women grow to become the best they can be, we'd love to hear from you.

For further details contact Michelle Goodin 0800 555 170 or

126th Waikato Brownies Outdoor Cooking Night

126th Waikato Brownies (Morrinsville) had a fantastic night of Outdoor Cooking using a combination of fires and gas burners. Each Six Group picked what they wanted to cook with a main, dessert and a drink. They had sausages on a stick, pizza in dutch ovens and chicken kebabs. There was banana splits and chocolate pudding with fresh lemonade, Mexican hot chocolate and raspberry and L&P spiders.


Mighty Daffodil Pickers

On Thursday 21 August seven mighty daffodil pickers stormed the daffodil paddocks with enthusiasm and gusto and picked the biggest flowers they could find. One of the girls found a double headed daffodil which seemed to be the highlight of the night.

The flowers were given to Hospice, Rainbow Place, Lions Rotary Club, Hamilton Police Bridge St and Southern Cross Hospital which were just a few of the recipients.

Our little group is from North Waikato District and are in the Chartwell Units. We had 5 Guides, 1 Brownie and 1 Pippin.

The girls did a magnificent job and they want to come back and do it next year! Well done!

Chartwell Guide Leaders

Below photos include pickers from Cambridge Guide Unit

Guides say it with daffodils




Brownie Community Action for Riding for the Disabled

As part of their Challenge 9 badge the older girls of 126th Waikato Brownies recently  planned and ran a fundraising Glitzy Glamour Disco and raised $90 for the local Riding for the Disabled (RDA). After the disco the girls asked if they could visit the RDA to do some community action for them. In August we went out to Waihou and met with the RDA President Paul Prouting to give him our fundraising cheque and clean the toys for them. 

By Gina Chaney, Brown Owl, 126th Waikato Brownies Morrinsville


Rangers Return to Papawai

After a 10 year absence Rangers are back in the Morrinsville/Te Aroha District. There are currently 4 Rangers in the Unit under the guidance of Leader Maggie Liddle and this number is expected to grow now the Unit has reopened. The Papawai Rangers are a combined unit for girls in the Morrinsville and Te Aroha area.

Recently the Papawai Rangers held a night walk on the Upper Domain track in Te Aroha where 3 of the girls renewed their Promise while sliding down a slide in the Domain playground! The night ended with cooking on lightweight gas burners and a campfire where the girls discussed the many issues that affect them today as teenagers.

By Gina Chaney, Papawai District Co-ordinator


Brownies help SPCA Kittens

There's nothing quite as good as old-fashioned homemade lemonade, as an armful of SPCA kittens can surely confirm.

That's because sales of lemonade made by girls from the Te Kuiti Brownies pack are ensuring life is a lot more comfortable for the kittens.

The Brownies, aged seven to nine years, helped by leader Tina Hitchen, made pet blankets, collected boxes of pet food and raised $56 from lemonade sales and raffles for the SPCA.

Mrs Hitchen is very proud of her pack.

"They're at an age where they're very interested in animals, especially kittens and puppies.

Over time, when they've talked about their interests and what they'd like to support as Brownies, they wanted to help animals which is why they chose to support our local SPCA."

SPCA inspector Maria McEwan-Jones accepted the Brownies' donations last week.

"The Brownies put in so much effort to help our SPCA animals and I'm very grateful for their help.  They have a very good understanding of animal welfare and were very interested to know what the SPCA inspector does," she says.

The Brownies meet Mondays at the Te Kuiti Guide and Scout Hall on the Espanade.

Written by Robbie Kay, Waitomo News, August 5, 2014


Last night, a few of my friends from Guides and a friend from Brownies went to help at a disco. It was a disco put on by Life Unlimited Social Club for the disabled.

We had been asked if we could go along and show them some of our dance moves and help with serving drinks.

It was a great disco and we enjoyed meeting, making new friends and showing our dance moves.

One of the men was very shy and was sitting alone and I asked him if he wanted to play volley ball with a balloon. He smiled and nodded and then played it with me. The balloons kept popping so we got through a few. Mum told me that I had probably made his night even more enjoyable.

This is a photo of Tylah Dawnn, myself, Sophie Ingoe and Ciara Barker helping to serve the drinks at the disco.

We are from 59th Waikato Guides and 36th Waikato Brownie from the Taumata District. 

by Chloe Bourke

Eat ice cream, help babies

Who knew something as simple as empty ice cream containers could mean so much to premature and unwell babies?

Waikato Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit charge nurse manager Christine Woolerton and Women’s Health associate charge midwife manager Gina Chaney know all too well, and have come up with a plan to keep the unit in constant supply.

As a Girl Guiding New Zealand district coordinator, Gina has called on the help of more than 650 Pippins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers in the Waikato to collect their ice cream containers, which are used to contain breast expressing kits that are used by 1000 mums at Waikato Hospital every year.

“I saw the call for ice cream containers go out over the Waikato DHB intranet and thought it would be a great way to keep a constant supply up to help the unit, and double as a fantastic community action project for Girl Guiding to give back to their community,” said Gina.

“Because our babies are generally too young and too weak to breastfeed, we encourage regular expressing by our mums so the babies are able to get the benefits of breast milk in those early days, weeks and months,” said Christine.

“Mums express every three hours, and the kits need to be sterilised in between feeds so the ice cream containers are the perfect, low cost option.”

Gina, who is the leader of Papawai (the Morrinsville/Te Aroha Girl Guiding area), said she knew their group wouldn’t be able to generate enough containers so she put the call out throughout the Waikato Region and after the leaders’ monthly regional meetings, the ice cream containers end up at her house and then come into work with her.

She said even the youngest members understand that eating ice cream will help the babies, even though they don’t understand the intricacies or importance of expressing breast milk.

“We started collecting the containers in February and will just continue to do so. It’s a good, sustainable method,” she said.

“And I’m pretty sure the girls don’t mind eating the ice cream, either.”


Story and photos - Waikato DHB

Vacancy - District Co-ordinator

District Co-ordinator is urgently required for Waipa Waitomo Districts.

Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. The role of District Coordinator is to support Leaders in their district to run exciting programmes for the girls. They provide access to support, training and new opportunities for the Leaders. They help manage the District affairs to ensure its viability and success. They work closely with the Leaders, Treasurers and other key district Volunteers.

The responsibilities of this role are to:

  1. Development and Support Leaders – Ensuring they have the skills, resources and support to plan and run balanced, exciting and effective programmes.
  2. Communicate effectively - Ensuring members of the district team are well informed
  3. Develop the District - and grow the Guiding community.
  4. Effective Financial Control - Ensure that the financial affairs of the district are managed.
  5. Personal Development - Grow the role of an effective district coordinator.

We are looking for someone that is organised, confident in meeting new people with good people management skills.  If this sounds like you, and you are keen to share your life skills to help girls and young women grow to become the best they can be, we'd love to hear from you.

For further details please contact Michelle Goodin 0800 555 170 or 

Leap Visit by 59th Waikato Guides

On Monday night we all went to try out Leap in Te-Rapa . There were 30 of us, all in our guide tops and our 2 Rangers came along as well as our leaders.  It is a place full of trampolines to jump on and also a huge sponge pit to jump in from the trampolines and there was a basketball hoop above one of the trampolines.  It was so much fun!  At the end of hour session they organised a game of dodge ball for us, Guides against everyone else that was there.

This photo is all of us lined up at the start of the game. It was the only time we were still. We won of course, and my best friend Tylah Dawnn was the last person left that managed to dodge the ball.

Written by Chloe Bourke

Te Aroha Family Winter Walk

Te Aroha Pippins, Brownies, Guides, leaders and their families met on an overcast, threatening to rain afternoon, to participate in the annual family winter walk.  This year they did the walk to the Te Aroha water intake – an easy stroll so that pre-schoolers could be involved.  After rock hopping across the stream, they made their way up the side of the river to find the “hugging” tree.  They then went on to the water intake where the girls found a fresh water crayfish hiding under the rocks.  After a short explore and play, they walked back down the bush covered track to where there was a safe place to light a fire amongst the rocks.  Whilst hot water for milo was heating on gas cookers, the girls built and lit a fire so they could enjoy toasting their marshmallows.

Initiative and Responsibility in Ranger's Repertoire

Cambridge Ranger Dayna Charleston has been presented with the Queen’s Guide Award – the highest award offered to members of GirlGuiding New Zealand. 

The award, which takes three to four years to complete, is a first for Cambridge’s Ranger unit, which has been running for just over two years. 

It demands a particularly high standard of performance in both effort and achievement, and recognises the recipient as capable of a high degree of initiative, reliability and responsibility. 

It also encourages her to develop a social conscience, and to recognise her responsibilities to family, community and society. 

Dayna, who lives in Te Awamutu, participated in the Cambridge Rangers unit. She joined Rangers in February 2009, going on to complete the 12-point Challenge Badge and an interest certificate from each of the 12 points of the programme. 

This includes certificates on lightweight camping, driving, self-esteem, global awareness, faith, leisure, Kiwiana, international cuisine, craft, values, first aid, and aviation. 

In addition, Dayna also completed 40 hours’ community service over a period of three years, and completed her introductory and practical leadership certificates while working in the Pirongia Brownie Unit, and went to New York for her special activity. 

The achievement of technical, leadership and other skills, as well as participation in outdoor and leisure pursuits was part of the criteria required. 

The granting of this award was also subject to the recommendation of the candidate’s peer group. 

Dayna was presented with the award in Cambridge on June 15. 

Taitua Senior Guide Presentation

We had five of our girls earn their Senior Guide Award. To celebrate we printed off footprints in different colours for each girl. The footprints had the different badges and activities the girls had to complete in order to gain their Senior Guide Award. Once all the correct footprints had been found, each girl read out what they had achieved. We then topped off the evening with a cake and supper.


Visit to Wilson Carlile Village

Six of our Taitua Guides headed to Wilson Carlile Village on Sunday afternoon with home baking. They ran two bingo games and helped some of the hard of hearing ladies with their game. The girls served up afternoon tea and chatted with the ladies and gents. They then walked around the complex and visited some more ladies who were not at bingo. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the residents loved having them there.

Big Day Out at Waihi Beach

I went to the Big Day Out. I liked the train ride and the sand castle competition because I enjoy making things.
By Claire Morris

Te Aroha BrowniesThe Big Day Out was fun. We flew kites and jumped waves. We went on a train and a bus and there was a sand castle competition. We also went to the rock pools.
By Anika Dowd
Te Aroha Brownies

On March 2 Brownies, Pippins and Guides from Morrinsville and Te Aroha had a Big Day Out at Waihi Beach. There were 70 girls.

We stopped off at the train station at Waikino and role the train into Waihi. When we arrived in Waihi we drove to the beach where we had a sandcastle competition for fun. We also had a swim in the sea. I really enjoyed my day and going on the train. It was an awesome day.
By Chloe Goodall
126th Brownies, Morrinsville

On Sunday the 2 of March all of the Pippins, Brownies, Guides and leaders went to Waihi Beach for a fun day out. We had to be down at the Knox Church at 9 o’clock to get on the bus.

First we stopped in Te Aroha to pick up some other people and went to the Church. We had a ceremony at the Church. Then we got back on the bus. We went on a train ride and next thing you know we are at the beach. We got off the bus and had a snack, got into buddies and walked down to the beach.

Some of us went for a swim and others played in the sand. We got to go up to our belly buttons in the water. We had so much fun. It was a big day.

After we had played at the beach and had lunch and then played again it was time to get back on the bus and go home.
By Emma Weightman

126th Brownies, Morrinsville

What has Waikato Region been up to lately?

Forward any stories or photos on to your Regional Co-ordinator or the Zone Office so they can be published here.

I know you have been out camping, doing Community Service and generally having a lot of GirlGuiding Adventures - lets show everyone what we have been doing!

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