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Pippins - Pōtiki

Pippins our youngest group for girls are 5 and 6 year olds. They are encouraged to develop an awareness of the world around them, other people, themselves and the environment.

Who are Pippins?

  • pippin apple

    Pippins our youngest group and are 5 and 6 year old girls. They are encouraged to develop an awareness of the world around them, other people, themselves and the environment.

What do Pippins do?

  • Pippins do lots of cool stuff and learn the Pippin Saying
    Pippins care, so pippins share with other children everywhere
  • Pippins get together with other Pippins each week and learn to share and how to help others and that there are other girls like them all around the world. In England, pippin-age girls are called Rainbows, in India they are Bunnies and in Canada they are called Sparks.
  • Pippins learn to work together and families / whanau can come to Pippins sometimes to help the Pippin Leaders. They can earn special badges such as Hands of Friendship or ANZAC Heritage.
  • In 2011 the special Pippin event Big Sista Little Sista is held all around New Zealand – it is run by Rangers especially for their little sister Pippins. This programme is run every two years with the next being held in 2013.

pippins 02

When you’re 5 and 6 learning and growing is lots of fun – girls can:

  • Discover nature
  • Listen to stories
  • Go interesting places like the fire station or a bakery
  • Make music
  • Learn how to line dance
  • Look at the stars and locate the Southern Cross
  • Make a kite and fly it
  • Learn a new ball skill
  • Go on an Overnight Adventure
  • Attend an ANZAC Day Parade
  • Clean up a beach, playground or park
  • Go on a Pippinic!

What do Pippins wear?

Pippins have a whole range of uniform items to wear including a pink T shirt which has a special Pippin logo on it. Girls also get to wear a sash for all the badges they earn. These can be purchased online through the Guide E-Shop.

Pippins – for those who live in isolated areas

Girls who because of distance can’t go to units in their area are still able to do our programmes. These girls can join our Aotearoa Region. The activities are the same but adapted to use other forms of communication, email, mail, internet, etc. Girls in the Aotearoa region are encouraged to join in other activities with girls in their area when they can.

Pippins speak!

pippins 04

"Playing with new friends and having fun."
Madeline, Pippin, Pencarrow

“Parties and playing games”
Joanne from the Hokitika Pippins

“Caring and sharing and that you get to touch things that you can't do at school”
from the Hokitika Pippins

“End of term games and party”
Kristyn from the Hokitika Pippins

“Learning how to make stuff”
Indica from the Hokitika Pippins

“Making Blackbirds (outside cooking) and making dolls”
Clare from the Hokitika Pippins

“Playing games and meeting my friends here”
Madison from the Hokitika Pippins

When girls are 7 years old they then progress to, Brownies.

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