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Radio Advertising

We are delighted to hear some of the fantastic radio ads that Guide units are creating locally! Check out the fantastic ad that the Geraldine Guide unit had playing on Port FM. The girls went into the studio and recorded this! Check out the picture to!

Geraldine Guides Bake for Local Volunteers

Story and photos courtesy of The Geraldine News

GirlGuiding NZ’s Geraldine Guides made muffins and thank you cards last week and gave them to local voluntary services who contribute to our community.

Charlotte Rowley (10) was one of the Guides doing the baking.  “We have been making small muffins; there are vanilla, white chocolate and just chocolate ones.  After that it is just double chocolate and there are some with the Barkers peach sauce in it.” 

Courtney Howell (10) adds, “I have been making a thank you card for one of the groups that we have chosen to say thank you [to] for helping the community.  I chose the Lions Club because they organise the bike ride.”

Maree Rowley, Co Guide Leader, explains, “We wanted to do something to recognise the things that volunteers do in our community.  We just thought it would be nice to say thank you and well done.”

The idea was sparked after a visit to the Timaru District Council Chambers last term and a meeting with Damon Odey, Mayor of Timaru District Council.   The visit was arranged to help the large number of new Guides understand the Guiding Promise and Law.  Maree adds, “Through Mr Odey discussing the Citizenship ceremonies, we hoped to broaden their understanding and grasp the sense of belonging.”

Mr Odey explained to the Guides how councils work and described how lots of people do many things behind the scenes that they benefit from.  He talked to the girls about the community awards and how this was a really good way for communities to say thank you. Maree, says, “Our making cards and muffins was a simple gesture that the girls could be fully involved in and begin to take stock of what happens around us.”

Co Guide Leader Sally Sharp adds, “Guides are very well supported by community groups and a lot of these groups do go unnoticed so we wanted to say thank you to them.”

The Guides had a group discussion and everyone suggested their favourite community group.    There are dozens of groups who work tirelessly for the Geraldine community but the Guides were limited to choosing just five.  They had a vote and singled out Bellyful, the Fire Brigade, Lions Club, Red Cross and St Johns.

Sally points out that saying thank you to these groups helps the Guides feel more involved with the community.  “We are not working in isolation, we want the girls to feel part of the community and that they have a part to play.  It makes the Guides feel good too.”

Jo Bates

Timaru District Mayor Damon Odey with Geraldine Guides
Photo courtesy of The Geraldine News.

Pippins usher in new Guiding era - Timaru Herald

Te Mata Puna Brownies - Hakatere District

As part of their Pen and Ink work last term, the girls at Te Mata Puna Brownies wrote stories about what they experienced in the environment.

You can see the girls' work here.

What has South Canterbury Region been up to lately?

Forward any stories or photos on to your Regional Co-ordinator or the Zone Office so they can be published here.

I know you have been out camping, doing Community Service and generally having a lot of GirlGuiding Adventures - lets show everyone what we have been doing!

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