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Auckland Outdoor Team Events

WhenWhereMore InfoWhom
Term Four
18-19 Oct Silver Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award Assessment weekend
Kaimai Rangers
Rangers and Young Leaders who are working on their Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award and/or Backpacker Certificate Rangers and Young Leaders
23 Oct - 4 Dec Kayaking Thursday Nights Auckland Boating Centre, Westhaven We invite units to book a Thursday night during Term four to take their girls kayaking Guide and Ranger units
7-9 Nov Camp Skills Weekend training Burgin Field, Oratia Girls will be completing their Camp Skills badge Guides and leaders waning camping experience
Sun 23 Nov Auckland Cookout Competition Lawry Street Reserve Guides can enter their patrol and cook a 2 course meal Guides in a patrol
Sun 30 Nov Kayak Fun Day Okahu Bay This is open to Guides and Rangers 9 ½ years plus.  Girls are broken into 2 or 3 groups with a round robin of activities including Kayaking, raft making, swimming etc Guides and Rangers
Thu 11 Dec Practice night for Raft Race Auckland Boating Centre, Westhaven This is a practice night for those Guide and Ranger units who would like to practice before the big challenge. Guide and Ranger units
Sun 13 Dec Regional Raft Race Auckland Boating Centre, Westhaven This is open to Guide and Ranger units to challenge each other to a rafting competition.  Units will need to bring all equipment and girls will need to construct it on the day before the races

Guide and Ranger units

For more information check out the flyers below:

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Training Weekend

Rafting - December 2014

Camp Skills - November 2014

Boating Fun Day November 2014

Cook out 2014

Congratulations Ann!

Ann Miller, Brownie Leader, Woodhill District

Arataki District

Glen Eden Guides, Titirangi Guides, Waikomiti Guides, Laingholm Brownies and Oratia Brownies planted trees as a community service for the Whau EcoMatters Environment Trust at the Rahui Kahika Bush Reserve in Green Bay on 16 August.

GirlGuiding Arataki District 'Winter Wonderland' Camp at Houghton's Bush Camp in Muriwai 22-24 August. The girls are making igloos out of sugar cubes and pitching tents for their Ranger Awareness badge

Ponsonby Pippins at Clip'n'Climb

Waikomiti Brownies on Pink Shirt Day

Waitakere GirlGuides take on the Weetbix Triathlon

As the sun rose up we waited nervously in line for check in. The cold fresh air blew our hair out of our faces. Our bikes parked in row three were crowed round thousands of other bikes, but we could easily spot ours from a distance. As the loud speaker got turned on it made a crackling sound that hurt your ears. They started to countdown as we got lead to the starting tent where our race began, let’s go we thought.

As the wet blue water touched our feet we got the shivers. The water splashing up made the contestants scream wildly. The salt water stung our eyes as we guided round inflated buoys. The cold water made our finger tips go num. As we past the last buoy we stood up ready to run up to shore. Where are our bikes?

The black rough peddles went round and round in circles like they were in a rush. CLICK, was the sound, my handle bars made when I changed the gear. Our legs got tired as we slowly moved up the steep hill and round the cold sack. As we puffed our way into the transition area, we hopped off our bikes and ran them down row three (where our gear was placed) to get ready for the run.

We slowly jogged our way up a sloped hill remembering to pace ourselves or we will run out of breath. As we pass people they started to cheer encouraging us to keep going. Our feet that were stinking hot were moving as fast as they possibly could. We ran down the hill very carefully making sure we didn't bump into any one when we ran down. The wind blew tiny sand flies into our faces, but when we started to get closer to the blow up finish tent we started to run a little bit faster until we reached the end we slowed down. Then we stood in line waiting for our picture. When we had finished our picture we went back to the brownie tent and noticed we were one of the first Brownies to finish.

By Georgia Normington & Kendra Meredith

Pt Chevalier Units at Anzac Day

Waimana Guides - Biscuit Selling

Kelly Bleakley (pictured centre) the National Commissioner for Scouts New Zealand spotted here at Eastridge Mall in Orakei, Auckland buying some Guide biscuits from the Waimana Guides, Eastern Bays District. Go Girls!

Laingholm Brownies - Biscuit Selling

Ava, Rosie and Anna from Laingholm Brownies, Arataki District

What has Auckland Region been up to lately?

Forward any stories or photos on to your Regional Co-ordinator or the Zone Office so they can be published here.

I know you have been out camping, doing Community Service and generally having a lot of GirlGuiding Adventures - lets show everyone what we have been doing!

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