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Water Safety - New life jackets for Picton Guides & Brownies

Picton Girl Guides and Brownies took delivery of their new life jackets on Monday 14th April. The girls are hugely proud of their new lifejackets, not just because they are a cool bright pink colour with lots of pockets, but because they raised the money themselves in just 6 weeks !

The girls are pictured here wearing their new PDAs (personal floatation device) with the Harbourmaster and his team, and Coastguard standing at the back.

Each girl had a target to raise $50 by doing 'Bob a Job'. Some weeded gardens, others washed cars, kayaks and yachts, some washed walls, others did the shopping - the girls did all sorts of jobs for friends, families and neighbours and were then donated money towards the lifejackets. We also made jam from 7kg of strawberries, with the jars nicely decorated with hand drawn Girl Guide labels and sold them. HJ, our leader, also did a talk at the local sailing club about what we were doing and why - and lots of people from the sailing club gave us donations for our lifejackets. For every dollar that we raised, a very generous person in the Picton community matched it with his own money. He wants to remain anonymous, but we want him to know we couldn't have done this without his help, support and belief in us - so a huge Thank You !

We aimed to raised $2500 in total for 30 lifejackets. Out local Burnsco store in Waikawa Marina gave us a really good price on the lifejackets and also sponsored us by donating 2 extra very small lifejackets. We actually went shooting over this target and this meant we could buy some extra marine safety gear as well.

We collected our lifejackets from Burnsco during our last meeting of Term 1 - the local newspapers and our parents took lots of photos of us proudly wearing our new lifejackets. We then had the rest of the meeting at Waikawa Boating Club. 

The Coastguard had brought their boat around and it was on a trailer outside so we could look at it. We then had a talk from the Harbourmaster and his team, explaining how the harbourmaster is responsible for safety throughout the Marlborough Sounds and why it is so important that we always wear a lifejacket when out on the water. The Coastguard then introduced themselves and explained how they rescue people who get in trouble in the water and why it is so important that our lifejacket fits us. 

They dressed Crystal, a Brownie, in an adult lifejacket and showed us how if she fell in the water it would pop up over her head and she would sink. Then we watched a Coastguard man jump into the cold water with a lifejacket on and we saw how easy it was for him to float and be pulled back to safety. Then we split into little groups and we explored the Harbourmaster's boat (which was in the water) we learned about different types of lifejackets and rescue equipment and how to raise the alarm from the Coastguard, and we also had a go at throwing rescue lines and pulling people in. We learned that because we are so little compared to adults that it's really important that we kneel down or sit down to pull in an adult, or they might pull us into the water as well.

We then finished the meeting with a really special promise ceremony where Olivia and Oriana made their Guide Promise. Noeline, from the Trefoil Guild, had joined us and she joined in our ceremony by reading put one of the Guide laws.

We can't wait to start back to Guides and Brownies next term!

- Helen Ashworth

Blenheim Wins 1000 Dulux Mini Pots of Paint

Congratulations to Blenheim district on winning 1000 mini pots of paint due to Dulux and a local radio station. Here’s their winning citation:

Girl Guiding New Zealand - Blenheim District (Including Picton Guides, Brownies and Pippins, Springlands Guides, Wairau Guides and Brownies, Blenheim Rangers & Blenheim Trefoil Guild). We would use the paints to brighten our community and bring smiles to those around us in our posters, murals and art work that we make in our challenging and fun Guiding activities.

Charged with empowering girls and women within our community and throughout the world, we turn a whisper into a shout by advocating for causes close to our hearts including, but not limited to, the environment, access to education and family violence. 

These paints would bring colour and vibrancy to our activities. With over 100 girls and women in Guiding in Blenheim District we are a growing organization which offers fun, friendship and adventure at the local level.

Picton now has a Pippin unit!


Our first four recruits!

What has Marlborough Region been up to lately?

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