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Brownies - Parauri

Brownies are 7 - 9½ year old girls who are encouraged to become more aware and independent and have a say in what activities they do. Working both individually and in teams girls learn both indoors and out.

Who are Brownies? 

  • brownie sun iconBrownies are 7 - 9½ year old girls who are encouraged to become more aware and independent and have a say in what activities they do. Working both individually and in teams girls learn both indoors and out.

What do Brownies do?

  • One of the best things about being a Brownie is being able to work for badges and certificates.
  • There are lots of fun things to do and see. Some badges can be earned at Brownies when everyone works together. Other badges are your choice and done in your own time.  You will do lots of different things that you won’t do at school.
  • Everything you need to know about Brownies is in your special Brownie Girl’s Guide and you can use the record pages to see all the exciting things you have done.
  • Brownies have fun in small groups of six girls called Sixes and can choose a special name and which badge they would like for their six. Older Brownies can be the Sixer who is the leader of the Six or her helper.
  • When a girl makes her Brownie Promise there is a special celebration and a special silver badge is pinned on her uniform just like all the other Brownies. Now she can begin to plan her path to gaining the top Brownie awards, 8-Up and Challenge 9. 
  • Along the way Brownies earn badges such as Band Aids ‘n Bee Stings (all about First Aid) or Out ‘n’ About (lots of fun doing stuff like cooking outdoors, enjoying nature and how to be observant!) or how about Animal World (caring for our furry friends), Jazz it Up (singing, dancing…) Science Whiz (a bit experimental) or Pen ‘n’ Ink for budding writers?
  • Brownies also get to choose from a wide range of fun activities based around a theme either working as a whole group or as a team.

    Themes include:
    • Brownie006.jpg

      Act up – try a variety of performance activities, make-up, masks and special effects. 
    • Colours – create a unit or six flag, find out how colours affect our lives, or cook with colours.
    • Flying things – build a scorpion flyer, Japanese windball, play the glow work game.
    • Jumps and bumps – discover how electricity works, make a volcano or make hokey-pokey. 
    • Night watch – have a progressive di nner, disco night or do a night trail. 
    • Rainbows – make a rainbow, have a rainbow party or look for gold at the end of a rainbow. 
    • Ropes and Poles – build a commando bridge, chariot, bazooka or other fun pioneering projects. 
    • Switch it – go on a switch hunt, create sand art, make paper and lots more. 
    • Wheels – have a go at a bike obstacle course, visit a petrol station and find out what’s behind the scenes, etc
  • More fun things Brownies do include Brownie Revels, special days when you get together with Brownies from other units and share lots of fun and excitement and do adventurous things together! Outdoor activities at Brownies can include, swimming, skating, bike riding, water activities and getting out and about in the community.

What do Brownies wear?

Brownies have a whole range of uniform items to wear including a pink T shirt with their own Brownie logo on it. Girls also get to wear a sash for all the badges they earn. These can be purchased online through the Guide E-Shop.

Brownies – for those who live in isolated areas

Girls who because of distance can’t go to units in their area are still able to do our programmes. These girls can join our Aotearoa Region. The activities are the same but adapted to use other forms of communication, email, mail, internet, etc. Girls in the Aotearoa region are encouraged to join in other activities with girls in their area when they can.

Brownies speak!

"I love the activities we do and Linda and Gladys."
Erin, Burwood Brownies

brownies 02“Today was a Challenge Nine day. Me and my friend Hayley had tons of fun. We made beaded butterflies and toasted bananas on the BBQ.”
Emma and Hayley, Kendal Brownies

“We are the Canterbury North District Brownies and we like sport, ice-cream, tennis, art, dancing and music. At Brownies we do lots of fun stuff.”
Ashlee, Samantha, Charlotte, Brooke and Indya

“At Challenge Nine, we did lots of things. First we started with singing, then we went and surfed the net, after we made sandwiches and butter …
Brianna, Katie and Britni

“I didn’t want to migrate to Guides because I was having the time of my life at Brownies.”
Katrina, Auckland

When girls are 9½ years old they progress to, Guides.

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