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Promise & Law

The Promise

girls enrolmentAll girls, regardless of race, faith or other circumstances, may become enrolled members of GirlGuiding New Zealand as long as they are able to understand, and are willing to make, the following promise.
I promise, with the help of my God, to be true to myself, to do my best to help my country and to live by the Guide Law.

Pippins do not make the Promise.

If an individual is a member of a religion for which God has a name which is more commonly used (eg Allah), that name may be substituted in order to make the Promise more relevant to that individual. In such cases it is recommended that the unit leader discusses the wording with the girl and her parents. 

The Law

As a Guide I will try to

  • be honest and trustworthy
  • be friendly and cheerful
  • be a good team member
  • be responsible for what I say and do
  • respect and help other people
  • use my time and abilities wisely
  • face challenges and learn from experiences and
  • care for the environment.