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Girls 5 - 17 years

At GirlGuiding New Zealand, girls are always counting down to their next adventure. Joining us you will make a bunch of new friends and have a ton of new experiences that show you how exciting the world is, and how awesome you are.

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Pippins is the beginning of an exciting adventure as part of the Guiding journey. We help girls to make new friends, tackle challenges, enjoy activities, earn badges and learn to appreciate and respect the environment and the community.

Who are Pippins?

Pippins our youngest group and are 5 and 6 year old girls. They are encouraged to develop an awareness of the world around them, other people, themselves and the environment.

What do Pippins do?

  • Pippins do lots of cool stuff and learn the Pippin Saying, Pippins care, so pippins share with other children everywhere.
  • Pippins get together with other Pippins each week and learn to share and how to help others and that there are other girls like them all around the world. In England, pippin-age girls are called Rainbows, in India they are Bunnies and in Canada they are called Sparks.
  • Pippins learn to work together and families / whanau can come to Pippins sometimes to help the Pippin Leaders. They can earn special badges such as Hands of Friendship or ANZAC Heritage Patch.


Brownies are 7 - 9 ½ year old girls who are encouraged to become more aware and independent and have a say in what activities they do. Brownies work both individually and in teams.

Who are Brownies?

Brownies are 7 - 9 ½ year old girls who are encouraged to become more aware and independent and have a say in what activities they do. Working both individually and in teams girls learn both indoors and out.

What do Brownies do?

  • One of the best things about being a Brownie is being able to work for badges and certificates.
  • There are lots of fun things to do and see. Some badges can be earned at Brownies when everyone works together. Other badges are your choice and done in your own time. You will do lots of different things that you won’t do at school.
  • Everything you need to know about Brownies is in your special Brownie My Programme Book and you can use the record pages to see all the exciting things you have done.
  • Brownies have fun in small groups of six girls called Sixes. Older Brownies can be the Sixer who is the leader of the Six or her helper.
  • When a girl makes her Brownie Promise there is a special celebration and a special silver badge is pinned on her uniform just like all the other Brownies. Now she can begin to plan her path to gaining the top Brownie awards.
  • Brownies also get to choose from a wide range of fun activities either working as a whole group or as a team.
  • More fun things Brownies do include Brownie Revels, special days when you get together with Brownies from other units and share lots of fun and excitement and do adventurous things together! Outdoor activities at Brownies can include, swimming, skating, bike riding, water activities and getting out and about in the community.


Girls who are 9 to 12 ½ years old develop leadership skills at GirlGuiding NZ as they become more independent in making decisions. Guide activities are more challenging to reflect the growing levels of confidence in this age group.

Who are Guides?

Girls who are 9 to 12 ½ developing leadership skills as they become more independent in making decisions. Guide activities are more challenging to reflect the growing levels of confidence in this age group.

Being a Guide is about challenging girls to achieve personal goals while having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

What do Guides do?

  • Guides is fun because there are so many activities to do together with your Guide friends and Leaders or challenges you can do in your own time.
  • If you haven’t been a Pippin or Brownie, that’s okay - you can join Guides and catch up fast and won’t miss out on the opportunity to make your Promise and receive the special silver Promise Badge which shows you are a member of a world-wide organisation for girls and young women.
  • Guides have fun in smaller groups called Patrols and are led by Patrol Leaders and their assistants. Patrol time is a lot of fun when all the girls in the patrol plan what they would like to do as a patrol and at Guides.
  • If you are keen to achieve, you will begin to plan how and when you will do the badges and certificates along the way to the highest awards.
  • Just like other Guides and Girl Scouts around the world, the Guide motto is Be Prepared and Guides in New Zealand know to be prepared for new adventure! Guides are also prepared to help others and enjoy community action – everything from cleaning a river bank to entertaining the elderly!
  • During your time at Guides you may be lucky enough to go to a New Zealand jamboree or even an international event!
  • Girls will never be bored at Guides. Some of the most exciting and interesting things to do at Guides include:
    • Camping
    • Outdoor adventures
    • Learning leadership skills
    • Earning badges, patches and certificates
    • Community action projects
    • Jamborees on the air and on the internet
    • Cultural awareness activities.


Girls who are 12 ½ to 17 years old at secondary school and you’re part of the valued senior section of GirlGuiding New Zealand.

Who are Rangers?

Rangers are girls who are 12 ½ - 17 years old, at secondary school and you’re part of the valued senior section of GirlGuiding New Zealand.

What do Rangers do?

  • Flexibility and choice are very much a part of the Ranger Programme. Young women are challenged to explore new experiences and take responsibility for their own planning. Taking an active part in their communities is strongly encouraged.
  • Rangers will tell you they are the luckiest of all. They have opportunities to travel to attend international camps and events, make new friends from here, there and everywhere and learn so much stuff that you don’t get anywhere else.
  • One of the best things about being a Ranger is the opportunity to develop leadership skills working with Pippin, Brownie or Guide units.
  • Rangers enjoy adventures (everything from abseiling to zorbing), setting their own goals and achieving them; learning what is important to them, developing their own values and a personal code to live by; understanding the importance of communities and learning more about the world and most of all having food and fun with their friends!
  • If you haven’t been involved before you can join Rangers and begin to work through the programme and earn the special badges. There’s a huge range of activities and if you like a challenge, you may aim for the ultimate goal of achieving your Queen’s Guide Award and personally receiving your certificate from the Governor General.
  • For those who like ongoing challenges, there is the opportunity to undertake The Young New Zealander’s Challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or the Queen’s Guide Award. Or you may choose simply to enjoy yourself, meet new people and have fun!
  • There are many and varied reasons why girls join the Aotearoa Team units rather than a local unit:
  • Girls might live some distance from the nearest unit
  • They may have other activities on the night that the local unit meets
  • Girls might be at boarding school
  • They might be on the waiting list for the local unit and this is a way to be involved to start earning badges


What age do you have to be to join GirlGuiding?

Any girl can join at any age from 5 years, at any time during the year. Pippins 5 - 6 years Brownies 7 - 9 ½ years Guides 9 - 12 ½ years Rangers 12 ½ - 17 years

Is GirlGuiding NZ a religious organisation?

No. GirlGuiding NZ is not a religious organisation but members are encouraged to take an active part in the religion or beliefs of their family and community. We respect the requirements of different beliefs; e.g. dress, diet, holy days, etc.

How much time is involved?

During school terms, girls spend up to two hours a week with their group. In school holidays and on selected weekends, there are extra opportunities to take part in camps, outdoor adventure days and other activities.

How much does it cost?

Compared to most after school activities, Guiding is great value for money. Call or email us for more details. Please note that if meeting any of the costs is difficult, there may be assistance available.

What if there isn’t a unit near me?

If due to distance or other reasons girls can’t go to units in their area, they are still able to participate in our programmes. The activities are the same but adapted to use other forms of communication such as email. The girls will become part of the Aotearoa Team. If you would like to find out more about this region please contact the Christchurch Office.

What do the girls have to wear?

GirlGuiding New Zealand has a modern, comfortable uniform that looks great. Each age range has a choice of uniform. You can view and purchase our uniform online through the Guide E-Shop.

What are your safety regulations?

GirlGuiding New Zealand adheres to comprehensive policies and procedures for ensuring the safety of all girls under our care.

How do the girls progress through the age groups?

Progressing through the different groups is seamless; we call it ‘linking’. Girls move with their friends and can look forward to more fun and other challenges and adventures. Girls are encouraged to complete whatever level of achievement they have decided to go for, but completion will not be a reason for making her stay if she is ready to move.

Section Minimum joining age Normal linking age
Pippins 5 years 7 years
Brownies 7 years 9 - 9 ½ years
Guides 9 years 12 ½ years
Rangers 12 ½ years 17 years

How can I arrange a transfer?

If you are planning to move to a new area, you will need to ask your daughter’s current leader about transferring to a unit in your new community. Alternatively please contact us at National Office.

How can I contact my local GirlGuiding NZ group?

Find your nearest group using our Contact Us page.

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