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What We Do

Guiding is for girls - This is your place where you can find all sorts of information and articles - and it's just for girls!


Pippins, for girls aged 5 and 6, is the beginning of an exciting adventure as part of the Guiding journey.

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Brownies are 7 - 9 ½ year old girls who are encouraged to become more aware and independent and have a say in what activities they do.

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Girls who are 9 ½ to 12 ½ year olds develop leadership skills at GirlGuiding NZ as they become more independent in making decisions.

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Rangers are girls who are 12 ½ - 17 years old and you’re part of the valued senior section of GirlGuiding New Zealand.

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We know that for young women aged 17 – 25 these years are some of the busiest times in your life. With that in mind we’ve developed different types of involvement and made it really simple for you to choose and move between them.

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Aotearoa Region units provide the GirlGuiding programme and activities to those girls who can't attend a local unit, for whatever reason.

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The Girl Guides Association New Zealand Incorporated - CC22069 is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005.